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Children hear with their brain, as do all human beings. The ears merely gather and then direct sound to the brain. Any difficulty within the ear system (including glue ear) leads to hearing loss. Hearing loss must be managed. Managing hearing loss is about making sound and spoken language sufficiently intelligible to the baby or young child’s brain, as close to birth as possible, with hearing devices (hearing aids and/or cochlear implants). This early and appropriate stimulation facilitates the growth of auditory networks within the baby’s brain, just as in babies and young children with typical hearing, of the same age. Global Ambassador for Hearing and the world’s one time fastest bowler, Brett Lee, has committed himself to spreading this message.

Sound Steps AVT understands that babies and young children learn through play. Sound Steps AVT partners families who have chosen to nurture their baby or young child with hearing loss, to listen, learn and talk, through its Auditory-Verbal Therapy UK service. Singing, talking, playing and reading is central to the Auditory-Verbal Therapy service at Sound Steps AVT. Sound Steps’ early intervention service is offered in English. Families are guided to enjoy a wide range of books, toys, games and therapy materials, as they continue to stimulate their child’s hearing, within the warmth of their homes. Nurtured and coached through its service, Sound Steps’ families and children flourish in an environment of love and graduate having achieved their true potential.

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Our Mission

Sound Steps AVT is committed to sharing the opportunities of a new frontier, that are both seamless and liberating, with this generation of children with hearing loss. Sound Steps AVT will work with families of children with hearing impairment in both the UK and in India to offer a service that respects the rights of families to allow their children to charter their own future, loved and unfettered

Brett Lee: Global Ambassador for Hearing

Our Patron

Warren Estabrooks, M.Ed., Dip.Ed.Deaf, LSLS Cert. AVT® President & CEO, WE Listen International,Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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