Sound Steps AVT Ltd. fosters and nurtures relationships: with families and children. Sound Steps AVT Ltd. understands that raising a child with special needs, places unique demands on family structure, dynamics and finances.

Raising children with hearing loss means dedicating time on a daily basis to their care and development. For many families, this means reducing the number of hours they might otherwise have spent at work, contributing to family income and the on-going costs of educating and supporting their children.

Sound Steps AVT Ltd. offers financial support by way of a discounted fee, to those families who are raising more than one child with hearing loss. Families raising twins, both of whom may have a hearing loss or families in which more than one child has hearing loss are eligible to avail of Sound Steps AVT Ltd.’s Sibling Policy benefit. This allows these families a concession amounting to a 10% discount on fees, for their younger child with hearing loss, for the duration that both children are in the service concurrently. Once the older sibling graduates from Sound Steps AVT Ltd.’s service or discontinues the service, the younger child pays full fee.